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Frederick E. Paige, Phd.


Dr. Frederick Paige

Dr. Frederick Paige is the Assistant Director of the Virginia Center for Housing Research and an Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech in the Vecellio Construction Engineering and Management Program. Dr. Paige’s main scholarship goal is to create the knowledge needed to develop an informed public that lives in a sustainable built environment.

Previous work with a variety of utility companies, sustainability non-profits, and educational institutions has provided Dr. Paige with a versatile toolkit of knowledge and skills needed to address a diverse range of civil engineering issues. His main area of interest is high-efficiency homes and sustainable communities. 


I teach with a constructivist philosophy working to enable students to contribute their world view to society. Unique contributions are what is most needed to overcome the challenges facing mankind. In the mind of the thinker who is able to experience what is, and imagine what will be, is our future.


I operationalize my constructivist philosophy through the use of case studies, active learning activities such as debates and creative projects, and reflective communication. 


Dr. Paige completed his PhD in Civil Engineering at Clemson University, where he also received his MS and BS degrees in Civil Engineering.  

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