Construction Management:

CEE 3014

Description: Undergraduate course for juniors to introduce the fundamental elements of management process used in the construction industry. Management structure, construction contracts, equipment and labor productivity, scheduling, quality assurance, and cost control.

Construction Workers
Under Construction

Global Virtual Design and Construction:

CEE 5074

Description: Graduate level course covering fundamental aspects of modern civil engineering project execution in virtual workspaces. Participation in team-based virtual design and construction project involving international stakeholders and locations. Design of organizational and task model, integration with design and cost models, identification of interventions that improve scheduling. Strengthened ability to work collaboratively with individuals from different cultures. Both theory and practice emphasized.

Infrastructure Policy: 

CEE 5984

Description:  Graduate level course covering current policy topics drawn from recent national, state and/or institutional policies that are relevant to civil infrastructure development and maintenance. Students complete a policy analysis project, lead discussions, and provide constructive critique for peer work. Students connect with policy stakeholders and community development groups to make progress towards a sustainable development goal.